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        +86-0577-86572866        info@bonvan.com
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      We are a professional manufacturer of plastic pens, metal pens ,marke pens, other stationery items & gifts, high quality management and experienced production team.


      Bonvan values every customer from the world. We have been producing our goods with mature technique and first-class quality. Our products are not only marketed inland, but also exported to tens of countries such as USA,Canada,Australia,Poland, Uk, Germany,France,Swiss and norway etc.



      Bonvan takes all the resposibllity for our product quality.Dealing with Bonvan, you don't have to worry about quality problems.



      Bonvan is a professional manufacturer of the products,has excellent sales team members, high quality management and experienced production team.



      Bonvan is young, full of energy team. We work together,solve problems together,nearly every week we have activity like camping,party,traveling,reading etc


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      Wenzhou BonVan Stationery & Gifts Co., Ltd.is amanufacturing factory forpens,Eraser,markers.Through over tenyears' developing, wehave theexperience in this field as one of the leading exporters in our area. Our products can meetEuropean and American standards. In order to meet customer's varied requirements, we also source products from outside. Competitive price,efficient job,strictquality control can fulfill your requestseasily. Each of our sales representatives has in-depth knowledge about ourproducts, which guarantees high level customer service and easy communication between us. Honesty, saves time and costsfor yours business. Wetake thehonest ways of doing business with you. We try to be your reliable and efficient partner in China.

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